Cart & Kiosk Concept Development & Launch

We have all seen them and have likely purchased a product from them in the past several weeks. Carts and Kiosks are a perfect way to try on a new product idea, with limited risk, in a retail environment. They seem to multiply during the holiday season each year, only to disappear after the start of each New Year. Many come and go, while others have exceptional staying power. What makes them successful?

For businesses with a limited product offering, high margin and a desire to get in front of significant levels of foot traffic, carts and kiosks are the perfect concept incubator. They provide short-term leases, low employee costs, high visibility and the ability to scale. Malls, in general, are data-collection centers that can provide foot traffic and sales performance metrics which lead to the science behind a cart’s success or failure. Once the science is defined, the successful concept can be scaled.

The professionals at Fulton365 have opened carts in the worlds premiere malls. They know the top-performing malls in the US, average lease rates, where to open within the mall, how to staff the cart and how train the staff. Their retail design team can develop custom displays, develop your merchandising plan and take each client from concept to launch and then to scale based on the success of the concept.

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