Due Diligence, Business Plan Creation & Risk Analysis

Every great business and every successful marketing and sales strategy begins with a plan. It is your ever-evolving and continually referenced roadmap to success. It is also the largest homework assignment that you will ever give yourself. It’s a cap-stone project in many of the world’s elite MBA programs and it’s something that many entrepreneurs and executives simply don’t have the time to compile. Banks and investors won’t lend to first-time entrepreneurs without it. Entrepreneurs, however, quite frequently have full-time day jobs and are developing their business dreams at night when most companies are closed and research is limited to only the internet.

To the business entrepreneur: The Fulton365 team of MBAs and business professionals can make creating a business plan easy. We will develop your plan and strategy for you. We gather information related to whatever business you are trying to review and compile a complete business plan on your behalf. Your final product will contain thorough due diligence, a professional P&L, sales projections, marketing and advertising plans, location preferences with lease availability and a risk analysis comparing your break-even with other businesses in your field. From start to finish, most plans take just 30-90 days to complete.

To the business executive: The Fulton365 team will create a full and complete marketing plan related to the initiative you are considering from the menu of services provided. Whether you are considering retail store expansion into the world’s premier resort destinations, cart expansion into the world’s premier malls, big-box growth or sourcing, we can develop a full marketing plan on your behalf. The plan will include a detailed P&L, product evaluation, risk analysis, retail store or cart or booth renderings, a build out plan, an execution timeline and a complete program summary. It will include travel to retail locations and preliminary meetings with would-be partners/affiliates to gauge interest in your product or retail concept.

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