Where to Begin?

No two businesses are the same. Your needs are different than any other business. Therefore, our services are built around discovery. We listen to you to create custom programs based on your specific needs. But we need to begin somewhere. Here is a list of our basic services to help you decide where to begin:

  1. Initial Consultation – FREE
    • A 30-minute phone call with one of our founders to discuss your existing business or new business plan. We will determine, together, whether or not our experience can be of some benefit to you and your business.
  2. Virtual Tune-Up – $499
    • This in-depth consultation happens over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, we will review your P&L, your business plan, marketing plan and product offerings. We will discuss pricing, channel development and maximizing sales in existing channels. We will determine what you need to execute on your new plans and goals.
  3. Social Media Management – $499/mo
    • Are you speaking with your customers daily, via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? We will create posts and manage content to deliver daily messages to your followers via every social channel. We will also assist with the procurement of new followers. Social marketing is the heartbeat of your company, telling your customers every day that you are living and breathing. If you aren’t posting daily, you are losing sales.
  4. Omni-Channel Management – $499/mo
    • How long are you going to ignore Amazon.com, Jet.com & Walmart.com. If your products are not selling in these channels, you are losing sales. We will begin by launching your first 20 products within each of these channels.
  5. Website Management – Price TBD
    • Is your website stable and is the customer shopping experience seamless? Are you plugged in to Google Shopping? Are you maximizing PPC, SEO, Affiliate and Social sales and conversion? We can manage your website for you. We can quickly rebuild it for stability and versatility. For small websites that are just starting, or for larger, more established websites. Ecommerce is the future of retail. Don’t be left behind.
  6. On-site Consultation – $2,499*
    • We will visit with you in person at your brick-and-mortar retail store and/or within your e-commerce office. We will spend a day teaching you and your team how to maximize profits online and in-store. We will develop a general marketing and operations plan to leave you with specific steps and insights to help you build a successful retail business. Let us share with you our two-decades of retail experience in a one-day business overhaul that is sure to impress and provide immediate results. (*Pricing is for any location in North/Central America and the Caribbean. Additional fees may be charged for international visits)
  7. Executive Retainer – Price TBD
    • Our services quite frequently become extensive. We become part of your team for an extended period of time. Our retainer program provides you with regular access to our executive team for continued and in-depth guidance on all functions of your business. It’s like having a VP of Sales & Marketing at your regular service. These agreements can sometimes last for months and often last for years. Every agreement is month-to-month so there is never long-term risk. Pricing on retainer agreements vary based on the specific needs.

You may have specific needs that fall outside of the 7 basic services listed here. Give us call, and let’s discuss how we can help. Our first consultation is always free.