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Using Reese Witherspoon's $900M business plan, let's begin by creating incredible content for your business. 

This program consists of three steps:

  1. Brand review: We will discuss your brand and mission together to determine proper content. 
  2. Content forum: We will review how and where your preliminary content is shared via your online store's blog, social media, etc. 
  3. Content creation: We will create 5 content pieces, that are typically in the form of 5 articles (500-1000 words each) written to maximize long and short tail SEO.

A little more about the importance of content below:


While business owners are anxious to get to the sale, consumers are looking for much more. Your customers know they can go to Amazon for any product they can imagine. Amazon is easy. Walmart is easy. So why should they spend any time with you? 

One answer is content. Reese Witherspoon understood this critical element. She spent time and effort in producing quality content about empowering women on her Hello Sunshine site. The content is her most important product and much of it is free. It's that content that drives so much traffic to her site. 

To put it plainly, content is your first product. You need to help your consumers solve problems that they want solved. You need to be an information center of real, powerful and relevant information. And we aren't talking about content designed to sell your products. We're talking about content that is sales-pitch free. We are talking about real information that is accessed at no charge and without annoying ads, links and pop-ups every time you scroll or click. We are talking about content that your would-be customers bookmark and access often with ease. Content that your customers want to share with friends. 

If you sell cooking products, your content might be recipes. If you sell outdoor products, your content might be reviews of hikes, lakes, and nature. If you sell automotive products, your content might be new car reviews, test-driving videos or industry trends. If you sell clothing your content might be about activities relevant to the clothing brand. 

Content is branding. Real content is thoughtful, rich and rewarding. And a company that is serious about content understands that the content itself is the first, and most important product that you are giving to your customers. And, at least initially, that content is free. 

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