How to Start Your Own Business for Less Than $1,000.


Perhaps you have a new retail concept that the world hasn't seen. Or, maybe you have developed a new product that you are ready to take to market. How do you begin and how to you improve the likelihood of success? 

You’re familiar with the statistic: 90% of all new businesses fail. So why do you believe you are any different? In the face of these overwhelming odds, an estimated 137,000 business are started every day. A whopping 40 million new businesses are started every year. Unfortunately, In the time it has taken you to read these opening paragraphs, 85 businesses have permanently shut down.

21.5% of businesses close in year one. 30% by year two. By year number five, more than 50% of start-ups fail. 70% are out of business by year 10.

Almost every entrepreneur knows these facts but persists with undeterred fixation on the goal of success. The rewards of being in the 10% can be so great that they are worth the risk to many.

But what if we approach starting a business differently? What if we made failure less risky by growing organically with little to no debt? We helped a recent client grow from $240 in total revenue in their first year to more than $1MM in revenue by year 4 with zero debt and 15% EBITDA. 

Our proven, proprietary system will teach you how to start your business, beginning with the selection of your business name to avoid trademark pitfalls. We will show you the least-expensive way to secure your URL, launch a website and begin selling product, even before you have inventory.

The average start-up cost of businesses using the Fulton365 system is less than $1,000 and often less than $300.00. By mitigating the costs of starting up your business, you can control your risk to eliminate the fear of losing. You can start multiple businesses and, by so doing, improve your likelihood of success.

Our proprietary guide will show you how to market and advertise your business for FREE. How to immediately generate thousands of visitors to your store and how to put the very best product in front of each potential customer.

It’s one thing to have leveraged your home and your entire life savings on a business that is facing failure, but it’s an entirely different thing to have invested only a few hundred dollars in a concept that has the same potential upside with a fraction of the risk.

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