About Us

With a career spanning over 25 years, Paul Fulton, founder and CEO of Fulton365, served in an executive capacity over sales & marketing with one of the world’s premier retailers. He has opened hundreds of retail outlets in almost 30 countries. In addition, he has developed online marketing strategies to grow e-commerce revenue through the use of Shopify stores, Mail Chimp email optimization, social media marketing and virtual community building that have driven millions in revenue for his clients. 

Clients range from self-funded start-ups to more mature $1 billion organizations. Each client is individually managed based on specific needs and timelines.  

Most recently, the team at Fulton365 led the successful execution of growth initiatives for Crocs within the Caribbean, Porsche-Design within Latin America, Seafolly with its first US store in Fashion Island, Newport, CA. and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville  where we significantly increased same-store sales while simultaneously cutting costs. 

In 2022, a small start-up client using Mr. Fulton's online marketing and product sourcing strategies grew organically (profitably, without any debt) by $1MM in just 12 months using a model similar to Reese Whitherspoon's Hello Sunshine model as he observed her success. 

Paul and his wife Jill started a small "side hustle" Shopify business based on Fulton365 business principles. This was done to "practice what they preach" and to demonstrate how to build the "Three C's" organically into any business, including start ups. Their side business grew to more than $1million in revenue in just a few years and includes a passionate social media community of more than 100,000 followers and is still growing today. 

In addition, he improved product costs for several clients via sourcing strategies that included spices from around the world, textiles, plastic and glass products. 


"Whatever your business, large or small, give us a call and let's talk about how we can help you succeed. And, since we successfully started our own business and still manage it today, you know that when you speak with us, you aren't just speaking with consultants. You are speaking with business owners that know what it takes at a grass-roots level, to make your business succeed."

"I look forward to personally working with you, to help your business grow profitably."

Paul Fulton