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Need someone experienced on your team? Count us in.

With over 20 years of retail experience, we can be the advisor in your corner helping you with decision making, strategy and anything else you may need. Here is a little information about who we are:

  • We started our own Shopify store and grew it to more than $1million/year in revenue in just 3 years as a side hustle. We did this to "practice what we preach" - which sets us apart from 99% of the consultants you may interact with. 
  • We have opened more than 120 retail stores in 22 countries.
  • We have built dozens of Shopify stores.
  • Our customers include Crocs, Seafolly, Margaritaville, Porsche-Design and many mid-size to start-up businesses. 
  • We built an online community of more than 100,000 members and over 4million interactions a year. 
  • Our monthly Facebook ad spend is over $10K/mo for our own business and much larger for the customers we manage. 
  • We send more than 1million emails/mo for our own company through Mailchimp.
  • We rank on the first page of Google for hundreds of long-tail and premium key words for ourselves and our customers. 
  • We have sat on boards, we have served in roles such as EVP, President and CEO. 
  • We can build complex financial models to help you forecast profitability of a product, initiative and entire businesses. 

We would love to help you succeed as, together, we apply proven business principles to your business. 

The monthly retainer is for an estimated 3 hours/month. 



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