Brick & Mortar Retail Development

Stand-alone retail stores are a powerful expansion strategy for two reasons:

  • Brand Control
  • Scalability


Brand Control
A full, inline store gives you the ability to create your brand’s environment. The moment a customer walks into your store, they see your products, your colors and your themes. They are greeted warmly by your employees. They hear the music you want them to hear and smell the aromas that you want them to smell. A store can quite literally embody everything that you believe about your product. It tells the complete story and affects all the senses of those who walk in. In short, your finished store is the physical representation of all that you want your product and brand to stand for.
The Fulton365 design team can take your store from concept to grand opening. Our retail operations team can hire and train your staff, develop your inventory and ordering systems and then turn the store back over to you in a fully operational state.
We know the world’s premier shopping destinations and fair lease rates. We know how to execute effective marketing programs via print, TV, multi-media and even onboard every major cruise line in the world. We have opened hundreds of retail stores and can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with the first opening.
Once profitable, a store can be scaled relatively quickly via parent-company expansion (your money) or independent retailer expansion (their money). The Fulton365 sales team can teach you how to find potential store owners and can guide you through critical strategic decisions related to store expansion strategy. Our team of experts is aware of the premier retail centers throughout the United States and resort destinations both domestic and abroad. We can assist with location procurement and lease negotiations. We can make sure that your stores are opened in the right locations to maximize foot traffic and marketing efforts.
Contact Fulton365 today and ask whether or not retail store expansion is right for you.