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The experienced team at Fulton365 can manage build and execute your SEO strategy for you. 

SEO is about defining the keywords that you want to rank with and then building content, backlinks and online support to begin ranking for those keywords. SEO is like planting a strong, slow-growth oak tree, while PPC is more of a fast-growth cottonwood tree. You need both, but if your oak trees aren't growing when the strong winds of adversity hit (like a softening economy), your cottonwoods (PPC) can break pretty quickly. 

Why use Fulton365 to manage your SEO? 

  • We started our own Shopify store and grew it to more than $1million/year in revenue in just 3 years as a side hustle. We did this to "practice what we preach" - which sets us apart from 99% of the consultants you may interact with. 
  • We rank for dozens of strategic long-tail and premium search terms and every year our FREE SEO traffic translates into a larger % of revenue than our paid traffic. We will share our experience with you. 
  • We built a keyword strategy and have been executing that strategy for years, including backlinks and referral links that ensure our first page on Google, Bing and all search engines.
  • We are business owners which means we aren't going to show your reports about SEO doing well while revenue is not doing well. 
  • Our efforts must result in increased revenue and profitability. It's that simple. 
  • Our program starts at just $295/mo for a once-a-month review and monitoring, up to $2,995/mo for daily reviews and daily monitoring. 

We are e-commerce owners helping e-commerce owners. While we can show you how to avoid expensive mistakes that we have made, we will also share our own best practices, making us an experienced consultancy based on real data, not hypothetical insights from consultants that teach, but never execute with their own money, at their own risk. 


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