Meta (Facebook & IG) Ads Management

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The experienced team at Fulton365 can manage your Meta posts and ads for you. 

Why use us to manage your account? 

  • We started our own Shopify store and grew it to more than $1million/year in revenue in just 3 years as a side hustle. We did this to "practice what we preach" - which sets us apart from 99% of the consultants you may interact with. 
  • Our personal monthly Facebook ad spend is over $10K/mo for our own business and much larger for the customers we manage. 
  • When you speak with us, we are owners talking to owners which means we aren't going to show your reports about marketing doing well while sales are not. 
  • Our efforts must result in increased revenue and profitability. It's that simple. 
  • Our program starts at just $295/mo for a once-a-month posting and ad launch and ad monitoring, up to $2,995/mo for daily posts and daily ad monitoring.  

We are e-commerce owners helping e-commerce owners. While we can show you how to avoid expensive mistakes that we have made, we will also share our own best practices, making us an experienced consultancy based on real data, not hypothetical insights from consultants that teach, but never execute with their own money, at their own risk. 


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