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When the storm hits, act fast. 

A great business is like a living, breathing person. When it catches a cold, you want to treat it quickly so the cold doesn't worsen. 

In our early days with stores situated all around the Caribbean, we had to deal with the possibility of hurricanes impacting our top retail locations every year. We went through the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID pandemic in 2020. 

In difficult, economic times it's critical to diagnose your problems and develop a strategy for success immediately. We've made this critical step very simple and affordable. 

For just $495.00, our team of business executives and MBAs will analyze your business and provide an outline for managing your turn-around strategy, including a financial review, liability review, financial aid options and negotiation tactics to preserve cash now. 

Cash is king and hope isn't a strategy. "I hope this recession ends soon. Hopefully Washington, DC can fix this economy quickly so business can return to normal. I hope my customers come back next month." 

Hope doesn't cut it. You need a strategy that addresses the present situation and you need it fast. A great strategy begins when you have the courage to look the dragon in the eye and build a worse-case-scenario forecast that provides you with a real picture of how bad your condition really is or really could be. Once that is understood, you can begin. 

We can show you how to "face the dragon", how to develop a new strategy and immediately adjust your outlook to ensure long-term solvency amid any period of economic uncertainty. We've been through it before and we can help you avoid costly mistakes at a time when every penny counts. 

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