• Q: What size of business do you generally work with?
  • A: We work with all sizes businesses and can even assist entrepreneurs with business plan development. Some of our smaller clients have owned single carts/kiosks or small online stores and needed general marketing assistance or a P&L and strategy review. Our larger clients have included the $1billion Crocs organization that needed assistance with web development, retail site procurement and Caribbean expansion.


  • Q: Can multiple services be implemented simultaneously?
  • A: Yes. It is common for many companies to work multiple initiatives simultaneously. The team at Fulton365 is well-equipped to handle each request. For example, we managed a sales training/same-store sales initiative with one client while simultaneously building his e-commerce and omni-channel presence.


  • Q: Do volume discounts exist for companies that order more than one service at the same time?
  • A: Yes. There are clear economies of scale that exist as one company utilizes multiple services. As such, the cost for each service after the first can be discounted. Rates will vary based on specific needs of the organization.


  • Q: Is it difficult to cancel my agreement with Fulton365 should my needs change?
  • A: No. 30-day advance, written notice is all that is required. Travel is frequently booked 30 days out, so a minimum of 30 days is needed to terminate. By not signing long-term agreements, Fulton365 must deliver results monthly.

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