Many of our brick-and-mortar customers request that we deliver final leases for review and acceptance or rejection. 

For example, our client Seafolly (the $100MM swimwear brand out of Sydney Australia) used our services to first conduct due diligence in more than 10 locations around the country and then asked us to deliver 3 final leases so they could select their location from the final three leases. 

Delivering a final lease requires a lot of work, as we negotiate rates, establish break-points and define build out parameters. 

With hundreds of leases negotiated more than 100 leases in the word's top retail destinations signed, let the experts at Fulton365 find your perfect location and deliver final lease options for your review and signature. 

Our fee per lease request includes:

  • All travel necessary to finalize the lease. 
  • A location summary including pictures, video, schematics and everything needed for your design team to plan and estimate build out budgets. 
  • A complete 12-month pro forma with an estimated break-even analysis factoring in projected revenue and lease expenses, in addition to standard expenses like wages, marketing, utilities, etc.
  • A singable lease delivered for your review and final approval. 

    Don't waste your time and money learning the expensive lessons that we have already learned. We can help you with a successful new-store opening and location procurement plan today!

    By the way, the three final Seafolly leases were in San Diego, San Francisco and Newport Beach. They chose Fashion Island, Newport Beach CA as their first US retail store - pictured here. 

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