Turn-a-Round Business Consulting

I spent the first 13 years of my career working primarily in the Caribbean. Sounds exotic, doesn't it? As a young executive out of college, I thought so as well. We opened retail stores in cruise ship ports and advertised to cruise passengers onboard ships. What could possibly go wrong when you are working in paradise?

  1. 2004: Hurricane Ivan shuts down Grand Cayman, the largest cruise ship port in the Caribbean, for several months during the peak cruising season.
  2. 2005: Hurricane Wilma destroyed Cozumel and Cancun Mexico, shortly after we had invested in the opening retail stores in those ports.
  3. 2005: Hurricane Katrina destroys New Orleans and keeps several cruise ships from sailing for months. 
  4. 2007: Hurricane Dean destroys Costa Maya Mexico where we had just signed a lease to open a store. 
  5. 2008: The financial crisis and the subsequent "great recession" resulted in a decline in cruising and consumer spending.

"What else could possibly happen?", we would ask ourselves in exhaustion. The unfortunate answer to that question is, "absolutely anything and everything". 


In business you learn quickly that there are things you can control and things you cannot. Great businesses understand that they must always plan for the best and simultaneously prepare for the worst. If you haven't experienced the moment where you say, "Never in my life would I have thought that this could happen...", brace yourself. That moment is coming. 

While we respect the awesome power of nature and the delicate interdependency of a global economy, we must learn to exist within it. Hurricanes come and go and economies are always trending up or down. There are strategies that can improve our likelihood of success, no matter the direction of the storm or the volatility of global markets. 

Take it Seriously & Act Fast

When the ground shifts under your feet, "hope" is not a strategy. I "hope" this recession ends soon. I "hope" this is a soft hurricane season. I "hope" new road construction doesn't happen in front of my business this year. I "hope" my landlord doesn't sell my building to a new leasing group. "Hopefully", Washington, DC can fix this economy quickly so business can return to normal. 

Hope doesn't cut it. You need a strategy that addresses the present situation and you need it fast. A great strategy begins when you have the courage to look the dragon in the eye and build a worse-case-scenario forecast that provides you with a real picture of how bad your condition really is or really could be. Once that is understood, you can begin. 

We have made diagnosing your business simple, with our $99.00 business turn-a-round plan. 

Once the diagnosis is finalized, we can discuss cash preservation, fixed overhead reduction, variable cost spending and capitalization structure/planning to ensure that your business stays solvent. The most important part of this strategy is to begin immediately. If millions of businesses are going to their banks for loans, you need to be first. If millions of businesses are applying for government aid, you need to be first. If millions of businesses are refinancing their real estate loans and/or leases, then you need to be first. 

We can show you how to "face the dragon", how to develop a new strategy and immediately adjust your outlook to ensure long-term solvency amid any period of economic uncertainty. We've been through it before and we can help you avoid costly mistakes at a time when every penny counts. 

Contact us today and, together, let's build a successful turn-a-round strategy for your business. Or, simply start by purchasing our $99.00 turn-a-round plan today!