The Second "C" - Community Creation

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Using Reese Witherspoon's $900M business plan, let's take the next step by creating a virtual community for your business. 

This program consists of three steps:

  1. Brand review: We will discuss your brand and mission together to determine what social channel is best for your brand's community. Facebook? YouTube? Instagram? TikTok? Others? 
  2. Community launch: We will launch your community with you as the community owner and integrate marketing of the community within your content previously created in step #1. 
  3. Community marketing: We will show you how to effectively grown your community through hashtag marketing, leveraging your customer base and paid marketing opportunities should you choose to grow your community more aggressively.

A little more about the importance of community below:


The second ingredient to your successful online venture is the creation of community.

Reese, once again, did it right. She started a book club. A place for millions of people to share an experience together. To read books consistent with her company mission and to have a moment together to talk, to bond, to listen and to be inspired. Those positive feelings that are created within her community become associated with her brand. 

Over the past 20 years as consumers have transitioned from brick-and-mortar shopping (visiting a physical store) to online shopping, they went from being human beings that interacted with your business to dots on a computer screen described as a session, a bounce, an interaction, a click, a conversion and, hopefully, a returning customer. 

We can't forget that those dots and numbers are people, and people want to be heard. People want to make new friends. People are social and want to interact with other people. 

An online community is a way for business owners to interact with would-be customers. And the wonderful thing about customers is that they will tell you exactly what they want. 

Brick-and-mortar retailers can simply walk their stores, talk with customers and observe customer behavior first hand. They will hear that prices are too high, that product quality is poor, that the pants don't fit and more. They will also hear about the products that they should have but don't have. E-commerce businesses need a place where customer's voices are loud and clear. 

Podcasts, videos, live events, social media and even conventions or gatherings must all be part of your successful e-commerce strategy. The more you interact with and listen to your customers, the more loyal they will be and the more relevant your product offering will be, because you will simply be listening to them and giving them what they want. 

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